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Last year alone, Gridiron Gold helped 1285 sports bettors finish with a profitable bankroll. We will do the same this year. Check out our NFL football picks and college football picks records in the right panel. Give Gridiron Gold a try - get true documented guaranteed football picks. Gridiron Gold makes it easy for football bettors to buy expert football picks in different football pick packages that are suitable for all types of football bettors. We have football handicapper pick pack, guaranteed nfl football picks, guaranteed college football picks and our award winning Gridiron Gold football newsletters. Gridiron Gold football picks can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere, with instant downloadable football picks access.

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Highly recommended with credentials. Primarily through documented results and word-of-mouth alone, Gridiron Gold has become the world’s #1 football sports service. For the past 35 years, football bettors have been switching to Gridiron Gold football picks because it’s famously easy-to-use, reliable, with high integrity and honesty and of course, superior winning expert football picks. Combine that with our best-in-the-biz customer service, and you’ve got a unique and delightful football handicapping service. Every week, more football bettors start using Gridiron Gold because they're seeking transparency, honesty and a proven winning handicapping service.

Gridiron Gold was established in 1981, so you can depend on us to be here when you need us. You must be wondering how we have lasted so long, while others have fallen like fruit flies. As a matter of fact, our Pres is one of a few still left, out of over 200 expert football handicappers that invaded Las Vegas in the 1980's. We’re profitable, debt-free, and a privately owned family business, so we answer to our customers and no one else. We don't have to pay third party owners, and that's why our prices are lower. So you get much more for much less. Marty Mendelsohn, Director of Documented Las Vegas Handicappers said, "Gridiron Gold is the best handicapping value in the nation, an investment well worth taking".

Our job as professional football handicappers is to help you make money with football picks. We specialize in college football picks and nfl football picks. Learn more about our founder, president and expert handicapper. There are tons of sports handicappers out there, and many of them do the same things. It can be tough to choose. With that in mind, here are a few things we prepared for you. Check out their handicappering record, and see if they post all there football picks to view for the entire season. Check to see when they post their football picks, and make sure all football picks are posted a few minutes after kickoff, and not after the game ends. Find out more about their company and football handicappers and see if the football handicappers are working for many sites. Beware the pimp football handicapping websites that promote multiple football handicappers or sell tons of multiple football handicapper picks. Most of these are made up and useless to football bettors.

See how Gridiron Gold benefits football bettors and why you should choose us.

Any other questions we can answer? We do whatever it takes to make sure our customer service is the best in the business. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and often perfect. You’ll feel like old friends in no time and it will be like going to the betting window with us every week. Email us now with any questions.

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Where to Bet

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Expert Handicappers

MLB ATS Records

Pres MLB Record:
Thru 4/10/16

20-5 80% +1,653
$500 Players + $8,265

Football ATS Records

Pres NFL Record:
35-29 55% +3.1 Units
$100 Players + $310 $500 Players + $1,560

DJ NFL Record:
43-22 66% + 18.8 Units
$100 Players + $1,880 $500 Players + $9,400

42-16 72% + 24.4
15-0 last 15, 18-1 L 19
$100 Players + $2,440 $500 Players + $12,200

sammy football picksSAM NFL Record ATS
43-19 69% +20.3 Unit
$100 Players + $2,210 $500 Players + $11,050

Handicappers Total NFL Record:
If you bet all nfl picks released?
163-86 65.5% +68.4 Net Units
$100 Players +6,840
$500 Players +$34,200

college football tv picksBOWL GAME PICKS:
8-4 67% + 3.6 Units
$100 Players + $360 $500 Players + $1800


Private Gold Wiseguy Picks

Bookie Killer 14-6 Wiseguy Pick 15-5
29-11 73% +16.9 Units
$100 Players + $1690 $500 Players + $8450 

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