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Printable Line Sheets - What are printable line sheets. Gridiron Gold publishes printable line sheets for sports bettors and fantasy sports players. The listing of games is in the official nevada rotation. The nevada rotation means the exact order the Las Vegas sportsbook lists the game on their betting boards. Printable Football Schedules - There are a few different kinds of football schedules. One type we produce are directed at the "sports accountants". Ha ah, we like to give them a nice politically correct now a days title. The sports accountants on the streets of America need space to write in certain information they receive for the games. Like nice open spaces to the left of the listed games so they can enter in desired information. Kinda like 220 or 165 or 1100 or any other numbers they're using at the time. These printable line sheets we call printable line sheets and they look like this > Printable Football Line Sheets

Printable Sports Schedules - Printable sports schedules are similar to the line sheets, except there are no wide open spaces to the right of the listed games. They are in the same nevada rotation, but they're used mostly by football fans with a special interest on the games. Enough space to write in the betting lines for each game, with a section for scores or other pertinent information. These printable line sheets we call weekly football schedules and they look like this > Printable Football Schedules

We produce printable line sheets and printable football schedules, and these sheets are absolutely free. Simply print them, use them and tell your friends to do the same.

Printable Line Sheets  Printable Football Schedules


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