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DJ has proven over the years to be the MNF handicapping king. Every week he posts his MNF Picks for all to see. Not only does he offer MNF picks, but he also releases free Monday Night Football Picks along with his guaranteed MNF picks. Every Monday night DJ will offer his expert MNF Picks!

DJ's Monday Night Football Picks will be posted as soon as possible, so you can take advantage of any MNF line moves.

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2013 Monday Night Football Schedule

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Week 1 : Mon, Sep 10 - Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (7 ET)

Week 1 : Mon, Sep 10 - San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders (10:15 ET)

Week 2 : Mon, Sep 17 - Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons (8:30 ET)

Week 3 : Mon, Sep 24 - Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks (8:30 ET)

Week 4 : Mon, Oct 1 - Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys (8:30 ET)

Week 5 : Mon, Oct 8 - Houston Texans at New York Jets (8:30 ET)

Week 6 : Mon, Oct 15 - Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers (8:30 ET)

Week 7 : Mon, Oct 22 - Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears (8:30 ET)

Week 8 : Mon, Oct 29 - San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals (8:30 ET)

Week 9 : Mon, Nov 5 - Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints (8:30 ET)

Week 10 : Mon, Nov 12 - Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers (8:30 ET)

Week 11 : Mon, Nov 19 - Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers (8:30 ET)

Week 12 : Mon, Nov 26 - Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles (8:30 ET)

Week 13 : Mon, Dec 3 - New York Giants at Washington Redskins (8:30 ET)

Week 14 : Mon, Dec 10 - Houston Texans at New England Patriots (8:30 ET)

Week 15 : Mon, Dec 17 - New York Jets at Tennessee Titans (8:30 ET)

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