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NFL Monday Night Football Picks

NFL Monday Night Football Picks. The first football handicapper to offer guaranteed MNF picks in 1981. Guaranteed single MNF picks: You only pay for winning Monday Night Football Picks.

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expert professional football handicapperPRES:
NFL 21-17-1 55%
CFB 1-4 Last 5

DJ football picksDJ:
NFL 31-15 67%
CFB 33-19 63%
18-7 Last 25 ATS

football handicapper

NFL 22-14-1 61%
NFL 12-3 Last 15
CFB 5-1 Last 6

sammy football picksSAMMY:
NFL 26-15-1 63%
NFL 15-3 Last 18

college football tv picksCFB TV PICKS:
CFB 104-58 64%
3-0 Last 3


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Bookie Killer 10-2 Wiseguy 14-4 

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