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NFL Weather is supplied by one of our partners and they're updated live as the board changes. NFL Weather is specific to each teams home field area. It's always wise to check the NFL weather prior to betting. This will give you up to date weather reports, another weapon in any handicapper's arsenal. Live football weather are just that, live and updated continuously as the weather changes, giving you up to date NFL game time weather. Our NFL live weather report allows us to see where the totals money is going and if it warrants such a line move. Money movements at times can be an exceptional handicapping tool and should be utilized with many other handicapping tools such as trends, statistical and fundamental analysis. Our goal is to supply NFL weather reports that are dynamic and up to date. We update our NFL football weather report automatically, so stop back often to follow NFL weather movements.

NFL Weather Forecast

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Expert Handicappers

MLB ATS Records

Pres MLB Record:
Thru 4/10/16

20-5 80% +1,653
$500 Players + $8,265

Football ATS Records

Pres NFL Record:
35-29 55% +3.1 Units
$100 Players + $310 $500 Players + $1,560

DJ NFL Record:
43-22 66% + 18.8 Units
$100 Players + $1,880 $500 Players + $9,400

42-16 72% + 24.4
15-0 last 15, 18-1 L 19
$100 Players + $2,440 $500 Players + $12,200

sammy football picksSAM NFL Record ATS
43-19 69% +20.3 Unit
$100 Players + $2,210 $500 Players + $11,050

Handicappers Total NFL Record:
If you bet all nfl picks released?
163-86 65.5% +68.4 Net Units
$100 Players +6,840
$500 Players +$34,200

college football tv picksBOWL GAME PICKS:
8-4 67% + 3.6 Units
$100 Players + $360 $500 Players + $1800


Private Gold Wiseguy Picks

Bookie Killer 14-6 Wiseguy Pick 15-5
29-11 73% +16.9 Units
$100 Players + $1690 $500 Players + $8450 

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