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NFL Power Ratings are a numerical value of relative strength of teams based on a performance, changes in personnel, coaching, schedule strength and current form. NFL power ratings are statistical and historical ratings and do not take into account emotional factors. NFL power ratings are purely objective and a deadly weapon in any handicapper's arsenal. No emotion or bias is involved. NFL Power ratings must be updated weekly or they become skewed and stale. Our pro football power ratings allow us to judge pretty accurately the relative strengths of teams in any given matchup. NFL power ratings are an exceptional handicapping tool and should be utilized with many other handicapping tools such as trend, statistical and fundamental analysis. Our aim is to obtain winners via power ratings and using other handicapping methodology to confirm, adjust and predict a point spread to compare against the Las Vegas odds.

To make point spread predictions for scheduled upcoming games, simply compare the Home Power Ratings and add the Road Power Rating. For example, a HOME team with a PR rating of 6 playing a team with a ROAD PR rating 8 indicates the home team is 2 points stronger. Our Gridiron Gold Sheet has updated pro football power ratings after each weeks games. 

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Updated on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Team Home
Arizona Cardinals 6.0 7.5
Atlanta Falcons 7.0 8.5
Baltimore Ravens 5.0 6.0
Buffalo Bills 9.0 10.0
Carolina Panthers 5.0 6.5
Chicago Bears 5.5 7.0
Cincinnati Bengals 3.0 4.0
Cleveland Browns 10.0 11.5
Dallas Cowboys 8.5 10.0
Denver Broncos 2.5 3.5
Detroit Lions 6.5 7.5
Green Bay Packers 4.0 5.0
Houston Texans 7.5 9.0
Indianapolis Colts 4.0 5.5
Jacksonville Jaguars 11.5 13.0
Kansas City Chiefs 8.0 9.5
Miami Dolphins 6.0 7.5
Minnesota Vikings 7.0 8.0
New England Patriots 5.5 7.0
New Orleans Saints 5.0 6.5
New York Giants 8.0 9.0
New York Jets 7.0 9.0
Oakland Raiders 10.0 11.0
Philadelphia Eagles 3.0 4.0
Pittsburgh Steelers 6.0 7.0
San Diego Chargers 5.0 6.0
San Francisco 49ers 4.5 5.5
Seattle Seahawks 1.0 2.0
St. Louis Rams 9.5 10.5
Tampa Bay Bucs 8.0 9.0
Tennessee Titans 5.5 6.5
Washington Redskins 9.0 10.0

Pro football power ratings, NFL power ratings, nfl power rankings

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