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Brady and the Bucs

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Published by Dennis Stagliano in football betting · 17 June 2020
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Tampa Bay and Clearwater have great beaches, and I’ve enjoyed them many times. Both are nice cities. However, with Tom Brady and Gronkowski joining the Bucs the city is buzzing with enthusiasm. Actually so am I, as I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. This football news is like a beautiful babe strolling down the beach right in front of you; it grabs your attention and lingers for quite a while.
Brady with coach Bruce Arians is a very good mix. Arians, for the most part, has always worked well with quarterbacks, especially those who don’t turn the ball over, which is a Tom Brady strength. The difference between Jameis Winston’s and Brady, as far as turnovers are concerned will be immense.

Once Brady signed, I was visualizing how he would fit into a different offense with all new players and how it would affect my future NFL picks. By adding Gronkowski takes away much of that worry, because that is the added security Brady can depend on when plays break down. This also makes receivers Mike Evans and Chris Goodwin that much more potentially dangerous. Believe me, this is the best receiver group that Brady has had in years.
When the season starts, Brady will be 43 years old. He’s been a marvel to still play at this level this long. Gronkowski is 31. And while a year off will help him to start the season, he’d become more injury-prone a few years before retirement. If Tampa Bay’s front office is thinking about having just one really good tight end, they might want to reconsider. I’m sure they will consider a good backup from the cut casualties after preseason.
Arians has never been known for using tight ends as deep threats and will have to adjust. Also, his team was 24th in rushing in 2019, and his new players are used to being part of a complete offense, not one that is pass-yardage dependent. There are ample questions about the offensive line but they drafted a monster in OT Tristan Wirfs out of Iowa and running back Ronald Jones III, but they drafted RB Ke’Shawn Vaught out of Vanderbilt.
Tampa Bay’s defense was 15th in yards allowed, ahead of the Super Bowl champion Chiefs (16th) and NFC finalist Green Bay (15th), but they permitted less than 20 points a game while Buccaneers were at 28.1 PPG. Some of that can be attributed to Jameis Winston’s interceptions for Pick 6’s or putting his defense in no-win situations. Nonetheless, anything more than 22 PPG means Brady and Gronk will have to lead a very high-powered offense.
In my opinion, trading for Gronkowski was a great move. It excites the players, coaches and the fanbase, and the locker room has two immediate leaders that are proven champions with exceptional work ethic. Most of all, if they double Gronk then super receiver Mike Evans will have his best season ever.
Let’s just not plan the parade yet, take a step back and hopefully learn more whenever the preseason starts and make a more rational decision at that time. Still, this is exciting!
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