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Best Football Handicappers
Notice: Covers.com fired all their handicappers in 2022 because of poor performance.
Beware: most ot those handicappers are now handicapping for Vegas Insider and Wager Talk.
Why Choose Gridiron Gold
Gridiron Gold
Purpose: Our only focus is to win and win consistently. We apply expert handicapping systems perfected for four decades to every game, so that we pick the right side. Dennis Stagliano began developing his handicapping systems in the early 80's, and we've perfected them over the years to the point that you can play with confidence. That's why our company slogan is "The Sports Service You Can Bet On".
Veteran Owned Company: Gridiron Gold was founded as Eastern Sports Service in Rome, NY in 1981. Current offices located in upstate NY, Pittsburgh and Dallas. Founder and CEO is Dennis Stagliano, a Viet-Nam era US Army veteran. MOS 11 Bravo, 3rd Armored Division. Annually, Dennis designates a percentage of profits to be donated to veteran groups like the DAV and Wounded Warriors and others.

Longevity: 1981 was the year when Eastern Sports (Now Gridiron Gold) won the College Football Handicapping Contest and finished second in Pro Football. All contestants were professional handicappers and sports service owners. The biggest names in the industry (Jim Feist, Mike Lee, Marc Lawrence, HR Jones, Tony Salinas, Dave Cokin, Joe Gavazzi, Donn Wagner and many other well known services and handicappers), battled for supremacy and Dennis (Pres) came out on top and has been on top ever since.

Handicappers: Pres, Bags, DJ and Sammy: This is the major difference between our sports handicappers and others. PROVEN VETERANS (all 4) DOCUMENTED AWARD WINNING HANDICAPPERS. Others usually employ nameless sports writers that can spin a good yarn, but don't deliver what's most important to you... consistent winning picks. Beware the handicappers who post their picks to multiple third party websites. Most likely, if they're on more than one site, these handicappers are releasing different picks in all of those websites. They use a shotgun approach so that they have a good chance of a decent winning percentage on at least one of the websites. Dennis has averaged over 60% in football and basketball since 1981. Of course, some years better than others, like 2015 college football 70% record ats until the final week. Past years do not guarantee future years, but a proven documented handicapper surely lessens the risk and increases your chance of winning in this chancy exercise.

Multiple Pick Packages: Like no other, we always discount multiple pick packs. The discount for multiple pick packs are listed right on the football season pick pack page and our basketball season pick pack page. So you know ahead of time how to get the best bang for your buck. As usual, you will never get conflicting picks when ordering multiple packs because our handicappers work on the same team and work together (unlike other third party handicapper sites). Also, we're the only handicapping service that releases the same picks in our pick packs as we do in our guaranteeed picks. This guarantees that you're not getting second option picks for either program.

Guaranteed Picks: Back in the day (80's), Dennis shocked the sports service industry when he launched guaranteed college football picks and guaranteed nfl picks. He was the first to offer, as he says. "If You Don't Win, You Don't Pay". When we say guarantee, we mean guarantee! We even have guaranteed weekly pick packs with more than one pick, and you only pay for the winning picks. Others will sell weekly packs with no guarantee or give you free picks the next week if you lose. Don't get caught up in that game. All our picks are either side or over/under picks. We do not release money line picks because it is not fair to our customers. If anyone releases money line favorites to you, get away from them as fast as you can. Furthermore, all of our picks are rated the same, as a top play. Other handicappers will give you from 1 star to 100's of star picks. Really? Nothing easier to say + 100 stars when you rate like this, but it's not even feasible in the real betting world. One of my employees brought to my attention another site showing a handicapper record of 54% with earnings over $10,000. Gimme a break, total chicanery. The only top plays we have is when our handicappers pick a game of the year bowl game pick (their favorite pick), or an NFL playoff game of the year. Also, we're the only handicapping service that releases the same picks in our pick packs as we do in our guaranteeed picks. This guarantees that you're not getting second option picks for either program. Furthermore, the big name websites with multiple handicappers are most likely third party companies. They run the site and hire handicappers. This means, for guaranteed picks, the company takes a hugh percentage of every winning pick from the handicappers. Because of this, the prices for the picks are sky high. Same for the pick packs, they take a high percentage. Then you have sites that do not have guaranteed picks and say that guaranteed picks are no good and that they have lower prices to offset the higher guaranteed pick prices. That is true that they have lower prices, but the cost of those lower prices are again sky high because the site owners take a hugh cut from the handicappers. Why is it like this you say? Because the handicappers don't run their own business, and have little at risk. They can only make money with no ramifications of losing money in a business, and the third party business owner just has a website to maintain and is making hugh profits without having to handicap their own games. Gridiron Gold is one of a few remaining true sports services left in the country. Our handicappers own the service and have a much larger stake in our results. If you ever have questions about our guaranteed football picks, go to our Guaranteed Football Picks FAQ page.

Betting Lines: The line we use for all handicapper program picks is extracted from the best line posted from multiple sportsbooks and we tell you where to go to get that line. The handicapper records are based on this line at the time of posting to our website. Las Vegas consensus line and the time of your order is what we use for guaranteed pick refunds. So when you click thru to your pick, you will see the pick listed and where we obtained the line. We do this because for many games, lines move very quickly, especially basketball lines, and it's impossible to continue updating the pages. We do not use lines from any offline sportsbook that does not accept US bettors, ie; Pinnacle. One of our customers said that one of our competitors (VI) used Pinnacle lines because the lines were more favorable for their handicappers to elevate their fake records. You don't have to worry about that scamdicapper stuff with us, we're above board and honest.

Timely Picks: Pick pack subscribers get the predictions posted to the site in plenty of time to get down. As soon as we post the picks to member pages, we also email them to ensure you get them quickly. Reason for this is that a very high percentage of the time, we beat the line moves, and we want to ensure we tell you when and where we got the best line. Others release picks based on late line moves, with no handicapping. We are the movers, while others are the followers.

Transparency: We don't play games or hide our handicapping records. Some third party sites show you the last 10 picks, or only show handicappers who won that week, or have just finished a streak. Some      will give you a list of their handicapper picks with all the sports mixed up and no totals. Others will have them segregated, but will have all picks, top picks, guaranteed picks and picks up their ass and all that bullshit. Some will give you ATS records with no actual picks listed. Some will send you to a database and it will take hours because you have to check each handicapper one at a time. All this to discourage your from seeking the truth. With us, you're one click away from each handicappers season record. Don't ever spend your hard earned money on a handicapper who does not show his pick record, or does not post all his picks after kickoff, or who does not show his entire season record all the time. Once again, we only release top      picks and only have one set of picks which are the same for everyone. We base our service on consistent      results.
Our picks are posted soon after the game starts for "ALL" to see. All picks, all handicappers, and it has been this way since 1981 and no others can match this integrity.

Prices: Compare our guaranteed picks, non-guaranteed picks and handicapper pick packs taking into consideration transparency, documented results, certified awards and business longevity. What you will find is that we have better handicapping results and our picks are priced less than other "expert handicappers". In most cases, half the price of others. Remember what we told you about third party sites taking their high percentage cuts off the top, just to maintain the site. GridironGold.com is the lowest priced, highest ROI sports handicapping pick site on the net!
Compare: Who are our main competitors and why are we not afraid to mention their names. Well, the reason is that we are a much better value than our competitors. We have Dennis Stagliano, one of the nations most respected handicappers, who has been featured in multiple contests, magazines, newspapers, radio shows and more. A) None of our competitors handicappers ever finished higher in handicapping contests when entered against him. B) He's the only handicapper to ever go an entire college football season in a documented national newspaper without a losing week! C) Our fees are less. D) Our winning percentages are higher E) Our records are more transparent F) Your security is better. Marty Mendelsohn, Director of Documented Las Vegas Handicappers said, "Gridiron Gold is the best handicapping value in the nation, an investment well worth taking". So forget about Vegas Insider and Covers, with their stable of shotgun handicappers sending in tons of picks trying to put together a streak, so they can be put on the front page. LMAO when I see their guaranteed picks priced at $50 or so. Hey, when a desperate handicapper can't sell picks from his own site, they have to split their profits with a pimp website, and you the customer gets screwed. Forgetaboutit! Come over to Gridiron Gold, like hundreds have done and you will be thanking us in the near future.

Security: All of your personal information is secure and safe. We use a third party vendor (PayPal) to process all our orders. Therefore, we don't see any of your personal information when you place an order. The only thing we see is your paypal email address when the order is sent from PayPal to us. We use this email address to follow up with any ordering problems or to confirm receipt of orders. We do not have or never will take any credit card information or personal information from you. In addition, we DO NOT give your email address to anyone ever! Other companies collect your personal and credit card information which puts you at risk for identity theft. They do this because they don't trust you and to save credit card processing fees. We would rather trust you and accept the credit card fees, than to put you at risk for identity theft. Your security is our number one priority. How about our state of the art instant access to our guaranteed picks. All you have to do is click a link from your order confirmation page to access your picks instantly. No risk, maximum security and privacy for all your transactions.

Mailing Lists: You are automatically placed on our mailing list after processing an order. But at anytime you can opt out of emails that we send. Occasionally we send free picks and special promotions. You will never get a phone call from us, we do no telemarketing, and your email addres is safe, because we do not trade email addresses with anyone. If anyone claims to be us, hang up or do not answer their emails. Email us at support@gridirongold.com asap if you have any problems.

Customer Service: The best way to reach our customer service quickly is to email support@gridirongold.com.
Gridiron Gold motto "The Sports Service You Can Bet On"

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