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Football Handicapper
Professional Football Handicapper

Gridiron Gold Football Handicapper Joey Bagadonato. Joey (Bags) is the Dennis' cuz and they grew up together, went to school together, and now they're both working together as professional sports handicappers. Bags has been the reliable and loyal old dog of the company. He's like the old swayback mule that gets up everyday and goes to work and never complains about his profession. He uses his experience like the crafty old wise guy.

With over 35 years experience, he's become a solid consistent documented handicapper. A real old school wise guy, who always has his ears honed to pick up an angle that may produce a winner. He's been known to follow losers jusat to ensure he doesn't have the same side they do. In fact, his confidence increases when he knows the losers have the other side.
Bags reputation is one of hard work, nose to the grindstone and consistent winning results.

Quote... "Don't expect a long time loser to suddenly become a winner".


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