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NFL Picks - NFL Guaranteed Picks

NFL Football Picks - Here you buy our nfl picks weekly. Guaranteed nfl football picks and discounted picks (no guarantee). Click the buy button and fill out the paypal or credit card information. You're taken through a secure credit card payment process.
How Am I Charged For Pick Packs - Guaranteed pick packs are a group of guaranteed picks. 100% refund for each losing pick.
NO refunds win or lose if you purchase our discounted nfl football pick packs or discounted nfl single picks.
How Will I Get My College Football Picks Instantly - After payment approved, when on last page, click the Return to Merchant link. This takes you directly to your college football picks. Any problems, email immediately.
College Football Picks

100% Guaranteed or Discounted Picks

Guaranteed $75 or NO Refund $45
Includes 3 Dennis Picks Below
Order by Sunday 3:00 ET
Guaranteed $75
NO Refunds $45

Order by Sunday 3:00 ET
Guaranteed $25    
NO Refunds $15

Over/Under Pick of the Day
Order by Sunday 3:00 ET
Guaranteed $25
NO Refunds $15

Order by Sunday 6:30 ET
Guaranteed $25    
NO Refunds $15
Guaranteed NFL Picks
"If you don't win 100% refund"
Order Sunday by 3:00 ET

"If you don't win, NO refund"
Order Sunday by 3:00 ET
Expert NFL Picks?

Our nfl picks help you cover the point spread. Review our NFL predictions for this week and take advantage of expert nfl picks any NFL game.

NFL Picks

Sports writers spin a good yarn but they're not professional nfl handicappers. They're picks are biased and their opinions are without substance. Gridiron Gold NFL handicappers use a proven handicapping methodology that has been perfected for over four decades. Successful handicapping guidelines consisting of wise guy information along with situational, fundamental, scheduling dynamics and match up data.

NFL Picks Against the Spread

One of the easiest things to do is to predict sporting events. It's predicting these games accurately that's so difficult. Outrageous claims and free solicitations by the mountebanks who have invaded the professional handicapping business have had a negative impact. For sports bettors seeking 70% winners from the free “sports writers”, I can only say good luck. I hope that the pursuit doesn't turn into a financial nightmare.

NFL Score Predictions

Gridiron Gold NFL picks depend on many factors in addition to what was mentioned above. Player injuries, nfl weather conditions can have an effect on picking NFL winners against the spread. We're always looking to find an angle or edge to take advantage of what we call a soft football line. Then we exploit that weakness and bang the sportsbooks. Gridiron Gold Sheet NFL football newsletter has previews and score predictions against the spread.

Why choose Gridiron Gold NFL picks?  

If you don't have the expertise or knowledge to be a smart sports bettor then adding a professional handicapper may be very advantageous. Take a look at a comparison of our football sports service vs large corporate expert nfl picks.

How to Buy NFL Picks

Click the buy button for the nfl pick you want to buy. Then fill out the required paypal or credit card information. You will be taken step-by-step through a secure credit card payment process.

How To Get Your NFL Picks Instantly

After payment approved, when on last page, click the Return to Merchant Gold link. This takes you directly to your nfl picks.

What If I Want To Order More Than One NFL Pick

You can order handicapper pick packs with multiple picks and you pay for the winning picks only. But each single game pick is a separate buy button and order. This way it's easy to sort winners vs losers and have detailed refund information just in case it's a loser.

Do I Have To Setup A Profile With Personal Information

Absolutely not! Your free to buy anytime you choose, without giving us your personal information. We have a buyer friendly privacy policy. Other sites that require personal information like credit card number etc., expose you to possible credit card fraud or identity theft. We're not the IRS, we're simply selling you nfl picks. No need to collect your sensitive personal data and we don't keep credit card or personal client information because we respect your privacy. We highly recommend you not purchasing nfl picks from a site that requires personal data or anything more than a name and email address. Many of these sites sell your personal information many times over for revenue, without regard for your personal privacy. Beware the pirates!

What Do I Do If I Don't Get The Pick After Clicking The Link

After you click the return to merchant link and don't receive your pick for any reason, (ie, page doesn't open or pick is incorrect). You must email us at for immediate help. This must be done immediately or you will jeipardize your refund if you take a wait and see approach, Our system is automatic, and if one doesn't get the pick, all don't get the pick. So we always know if our system is inoperative. The majority of the time, it's buyer failure to click the return to merchant link on the last page.

What If My Line Is Different or Changes After I Buy Your NFL Pick

Your nfl pick is intended to be played as soon as you purchase the pick. This will minimize differentials close to 100%. The records we post are calculated on the nfl odds available at the time we posted the pick. But, if you buy and wait, you're taking a risk of line movement that may or may not be favorable to you. If you choose to do this, you're doing so at your own risk. We refund your purchased picks based on time of your purchase, and the consensus line posted at that time you purchased.

Are NFL Picks the same picks that are in the handicappers season pick pack?

A very high pct of them are, but not necessarily. Season pick pack picks are released earlier in the week to take advantage of possible line moves. But, most players do not buy picks until game day and that means something may have occurred after pick pack picks are released. Example: Information prior to the game on a star QB is not going to play. Therefore, handicappers have the option to delete or even add a pick. If you're a season/monthly customer, you will be notified of any changes that occur. The cost of guaranteed nfl picks is higher than discounted nfl picks. Monthly/season packs have no guarantee, whereas, guaranteed picks are 100% pay only for each winning pick ats.

Do You Post The Pick Results That You Sell To Buyers?

Absolutely, we've been posting our nfl pick results for the public since 1981. You see all our picks, from day one thru the entire season, for each handicapper. There is absolutely no doubt, that all buyers received the same picks. You can verify that with your own eyes. We also have links to handicapper records for the entire season with total transparency. This is what makes us the truest documented service in the nation
. We are monitored by a large group of watchdogs, our personal clients. We warn you to stay away from any handicapper site that does not post their picks or have total transparency. Especially those sites that tout high claims of recent results with no transparency to handicapper season records or long term records. Those sites cover up the real truth. Beware the handicappers that place stars or units for each pick. When they start losing, they increase the stars or units to show a false profit. What the heck, would you play 1 stars when they have so called 10 star picks on the horizon - hell no! All of our picks are top rated picks, none better than the others. Our unit records reflect the same results. We do single out an nfl game of the year in the nfl playoffs.

Where Are Your Pick Records Posted

All records can be seen by going to the handicapper records page which is listed under the experts drop down menu in the top navigation bar.

Bonus NFL Picks - Buy One Get One Free

At times, we offer a "Buy 1, Get 1 Free". In this case, the FREE NFL pick is really free. We at times offer a 4th free pick included in our handicapper pick packs.

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