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"Best Football Handicapper in the worid is Dennis Stagliano"

The best football handicapper is Dennis Stagliano. An award winning football handicapper, he has a reputation as the #1 documented sports handicapper since 1981 for NFL handicapping and college football handicapping.
Dennis  Stagliano launched Gridiron Gold out of New York in 1981. Four decades  later I'm still recognized as one of the nations most respected sports  handicappers. I got my sports betting background from my family. I had  two uncles that were bookies, and I started working for them when I was  12 years old. I was a runner, picking up horse racing and sports parlay  bets from bettors and business' every weekend. Soon after I was booking  the parlays I disbursed in junior high school, and became the third  bookie in the family. I booked for the next two decades until the heat  became too hot. I have bookie connections in New York, Pittsburgh and  Dallas. I use these connections to find out what the wiseguys are  betting and why. The key is the “why”, because information is tantamount  to my serious handicapping methodology.

One  of the easiest things to do is to predict sporting events. It's  predicting these games accurately that's so difficult. Outrageous claims  and free solicitations by the mountebanks who have invaded the  professional handicapping business have had a negative impact. For those  people seeking 60% winners from the free “sports writers” (not  professional) picks on the internet, I can only say good luck. I hope  that the pursuit doesn't turn into a financial nightmare. All any mature  bettor can hope for is to have an honest, reputable, experienced   professional handicapper calling the shots...an analyst., if you will.

I believe in three principles that forged out my success as a sports betting handicapper:

Knowledge, Preparation Time, and Expertise.

Knowledge:  What constitutes adequate knowledge? How many hours is sufficient  preparation time? Who can measure expertise? These are tough questions.  And you can't get the answers in any school...except the College of Hard  Knocks. Fortunately, that happens to be my alma mater. I've done more  than a few rocky semesters at that tough little university. The insight I  have gained will help you immensely. That unbelievable set of numbers  they call the Las Vegas line is tough to figure - and tougher to beat -  even for the knowledgeable hard working, dedicated professionals. I  don't speak from a pulpit or a pedestal. I know whereof I speak for one  reason and one reason only - because I've been there. And I won't con  you. I have devised a set of successful handicapping guidelines  consisting of wise guy information along with situational, fundamental,  scheduling dynamics and match up data.

Preparation:  My long-term success can be attributed to hard work and working smart.  There is no way I can neglect the preseason preparation and season long  update. The lure of "easy money" should be recognized as a mirage. If  you think it's easy, you really don't know enough about it. I read all  the pertinent information about my sports and my sports only. I study  each team, coaches, personnel, strengths and weaknesses. This involves  reading periodicals and stat information on a regular basis.

Expertise:  I earned my credentials as an award winning sports handicapper.  National sports writer and the Director of the American Association of  Documented Handicappers said this about me. "The best football  handicapper I have ever had the privilege to monitor. A splendid  performer, past, present and I sure wouldn't want to bet against the  future". Now that's a pretty remarkable accomplishment! Well, Marty was  right, because I have a lifetime record of excellence. Sporting Times  magazine said I was "An Award Winning Sports Handicapper". Gambling  Times Magazine said I was "an Investment Rather Than a Gamble". Ron  Sataloff, President, Sports Features Syndicate Inc. had this to say  about me. "65% Football Handicapping Winning Pct. And For the First Time  Ever, a Sports Service Football Handicapper Went the Entire Season  Picking 4 Games Weekly In our National Newspaper Professional  Handicapping Contest Without a Single Losing Week"!  
I've earned outstanding documented credentials as a basketball and football handicapper.

  • Rated Nations No. 1 Football & Basketball Handicapper - Experts Magazine
  • Rated Nations No. 1 Football & Basketball Handicapper - Million$ Magazine
  • Rated Nations No. 1 Football & Basketball Handicapper - H&H Sporting Times
  • Rated Nations No. 1 Football & Basketball Handicapper - Sports Features Syndicate

I  am committed to providing a high quality experience for sports bettors  that is perceived by them to be an outstanding value exceeding their  expectations. Since 1981, I've been recognized as an honest, reliable  sports service with a lifetime record of success. I will continue to  produce the best sports predictions I know how. Be assured I shall  strive to do everything possible to merit your respect, confidence and  trust without ever misleading you about the possibilities that exist in  this chancy exercise of sports betting.

If  you don't possess the knowledge, preparation and expertise to be a smart  sports bettor, then I welcome you to add my sports betting expertise to  your sports betting arsenal. Are you ready for some football? I am,  let's start winning now!
Dennis' Quote... Discipline ... "Don't ever send good money after bad money".

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