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Professional Football Handicapper and Horse Racing Hanidicapper -

Gridiron Gold Sports Handicapper Sammy Grieco (Saratoga Sammy).  Sammy is a fixture in the Gridiron Gold stable of handicappers for the past 40 years.

The love of Sammy's life is the Saratoga race track. Hence, Sammy extremely involved in our daily horse racing tip sheets with Dennis. Sammy is at the spa annually. As soon as he finishes up the meet, he heads back to the office to crank out football picks. Sammy is a true numbers guy. As soon as the numbers hit the board, he has a keen eye and can pick out bad odds or lines.

That's why he's always up early, checking out the workouts and beating the book to the number. He gets out of the gate fast, and when he's hot, look out! Sammy specializes in finding the thoroughbreds or teams ready to pop. When he's hot, there's no one better. He's cranked out a reputation of a bookie basher. Sammy helps Dennis in handicapping for the following horse racing tip sheets.
Quote: "It's not how you get out of the gate, it's when you cross the finish line that makes a winner."


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