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Football & Basketball Handicapper DJ (TNF / SNF / MNF King)

DJ is the young dude in the Gridiron Gold handicapping stable. He's only been a professional handicapper for 25 years. A chip off the old block, he's learned well from his dad. He picks up tips from all the veterans and uses that information to create his own handicapping guidelines.

DJ is more of a technical handicapper that has an eye on statistics and matchup data. With YPP (yards per play) offensively and defensively being just one of his handicapping techniques. This protege is crunching numbers continuously. DJ has an uncanny knack of picking Sunday and Monday Night football winners. He thrives on the featured game where there's not a lot of superfluous games to distract his thoughts.

In 2005 he put together 11 straight MNF winners and in 2011 he ripped off 16 straight SNF/MNF winners. Players love his Sunday night and Monday night football picks because he always has a guaranteed pick and is a consistent winner. He's proven himself to be so good on Sunday & MNF picks that we all concede to his picks with no questions asked. Like the owner says, "forgetaboutit when it comes to handicapping Sunday night and MNF games. "I'll just sit back and cash with Junior".

DJ's developed a reputation as one of the best guaranteed pick values on the market. His Sunday night and MNF picks are the most purchased picks every week. Bettors see the value and they step up with confidence in his picks. They're comfortable playing the last two games of the week with DJ.
Quote... "Be persistent - if you look hard enough, you can dig up the edge you need".

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