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NFL Hall of Fame Game: Las Vegas Raiders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Raiders look like a contender after adding All-Pro WR Davante Adams and former Super Bowl-winning defensive end Chandler Jones to the mix. It’s also Josh McDaniels’ return to head coaching duties. On the other, the Jaguars’ lone season under Urban Meyer was an absolute disaster. Now, Doug Pederson has taken over and hopes to be the key to taking Trevor Lawrence’s game to the next level. Having said that, read on to see our side and o/u picks.
Dennis Stagliano | 4/8/2022

To Parlay or Not to Parlay?

To Parlay or Not to Parlay? That's the question many sports bettors ponder when getting ready to place wagers. Is it wise to play parlays? This article looks into the pros and cons of parlays. Gridiron Gold contributor Steven Miller breaks it down for you.
Steven Miller | 29/10/2021

NFL Picks Takeaways

The Ravens are special: You already knew Lamar Jackson was good and that only the most moronic of morons were buying into the “they figured him out” talking points coming from various NFL also-ran types. But what’s incredible is that Baltimore has overcome the obscene rash of injuries they suffered in August and September. On top of that, they’ve now had to play on a short week, coming off an overtime MNF game, twice this season; both games were against fellow AFC bluebloods and both games they won, stealing one from the Chiefs in Week 2 and completely outclassing the Chargers on Sunday. Let's take a lot at the whole picture.
Dennis Stagliano | 20/10/2021

Crazy College Football Weekend - What Happened?

NCAA Landscape - Alabama's stumble caps off chaotic college football Saturday. What the hell is going on here.
Amid his deep exhales of frustration, Nick Saban captured our elation. Amid his pointed messaging to his team, Saban spoke to all of us. Amid his motivational machinations, he captured the essence of a searingly delightful day of college football. “Everyone needs to remember how they feel and not forget it,” Saban said.
Dennis Stagliano | 11/10/2021
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