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Free College Football Pick Bounce Back Team ATS

According to my statistician friend, the odds of flipping a coin and having it land heads ten consecutive times is 1 in 1024.

According to sportsbooks last week, if you had placed a 10-game parlay, betting against the top 10 ranked teams ATS, the odds of that parlay would have been: +64,208.

So what would've happened if you indeed played this ten team parley?
D Malcom | 14/9/2022

Top Ranked Teams To Lose Against the Spread

Teams like the Alabama Crimson Tide, Clemson Tigers, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Oklahoma Sooners are yearly College Football Playoff contenders. In most seasons, those four teams post records with a single, maybe two, losses. But just because a team is fantastic straight up, it doesn’t mean it’s good at covering spreads. Check out this season’s top ranked teams most likely to disappoint sports bettors in the 2021 College Football Season. Let’s jump right into action so you can continue planning your bets against the NCAAF odds.
D S. Williamson | 30/8/2021
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